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Of Whom We Hold Dear - Group Game

Game Demo


Our final group project game for the final year.

The idea of the game is you control an elderly man who is suffering from anterograde amnesia. You must help him recover his memories and discover the reason behind his incident.

The game plays in a first person perspective on PC. The genre is puzzle/horror, and is targeted towards late teens/young adult male and females.

Updates I have made to the game are posted on my blog.

Date12/05/17 RoleProject Manager/Game Designer
ForUniversity Final Year Group Project

The start page for our game

Image of the main room which has been destroyed

Noticeboard – shows hints and tips on what to do in game

Puzzle box – what players must find throughout the game

Picture from the balcony overlooking the living area

Kitchen area

The carer who will stalk the player when the lights go out

A demonstration of the carer looking for the player